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Why I Became a Dog-Walker

I wasn’t always a dog walker. I used to work in radio and music production as a freelance associate producer, recording engineer, composer and musician.

Why would I leave a long and successful career working in a field that I loved? In short, it was to pursue a career doing something I loved even more!

The idea of dog walking and pet care as a career occurred to me out of a need. A number of years ago I needed a dog walker and couldn’t find one that I trusted. There were two dog walkers in my area that I knew well and wanted, but they weren’t taking on clients and hadn’t been for some time. In desperation, I hired a dog walker and it was a disaster.

I asked myself, “could I become the kind of dog walker I had been looking to find?” I’d had dogs throughout my life and have always helped neighbours, family and friends with training. For years I’d taken dogs into my home as a favour for people going on vacation. Could I do this as a living?

Then a whole host of other questions came to mind. Is there a need? Should I become trained in Pet First Aid and is there even such a course? Is there insurance for this kind of work? I love dogs, but would I love working with them all day, every day … on days when it’s -20 outside?

I began letting go of the commitments of my former career and taking on new dog clients, one leash at a time. And over time I’ve had all those questions answered with a resounding YES.

I love my job! And making the decision to become a dog walker and pet care provider is easily one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I have never taken my job for granted. And I count it a privilege each and every day to be entrusted with providing your loved ones with a safe, healthy and fun outing.

Thank you for that privilege.

Why Choose Me?

I am:

  • Licensed by the City of Toronto to walk dogs and provide pet care
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Fully trained in Pet First Aid
  • Experienced, mature, reliable, and trustworthy
  • Passionate about dogs and all animals and safety is my number one concern

My Promise

I promise:

  • To always be completely open, honest and transparent and to communicate in a timely fashion.
  • To keep safety foremost in all activity. Your dog will enjoy a safe, fun and engaging experience every visit.
  • To always leave your property safe and secure and to keep your keys in my possession at all times. All codes and private information will be kept secure in my encrypted database.
  • To obtain all medical records for the dogs in my care and ensure their shots are up to date. No unhealthy dog will be allowed to participate in any group activity.
  • To never offer any services to any aggressive dog.
  • To walk your dog in small groups only, with dogs he or she knows and responds well to. I will only allow group play in a controlled, enclosed and secure area – and only with dogs I know.
  • To never allow your dog near parks, water or objects which are known high risk areas for giardia or any other transmittable infection.
  • To always transport your pet (if needed) in the safest means possible.
  • To abide by the bi-laws of the City of Toronto and to keep my insurance, licenses and professional affiliations up to date and in good standing.

Service includes daily updates and photos via Twitter, email, Facebook or local texting.