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Early last winter we noticed that our 9-year old golden retriever was starting to slow down a lot. While a very much-loved member of the family, we felt he could do with some extra attention above and beyond his family walks. We searched and googled all the local dog walkers we could find and interviewed a few before finding Darrell. We were struck by how natural and comfortable our dog was with Darrell and by how Darrell just seemed to “get” our dog. We knew right away it would be a great fit – and it has been since day one.

Within a month our dog was less stiff and better able to navigate the stairs in our home. He’s also clearly a much happier dog – this gives us great comfort as he settles into his senior years. My husband and I often joke that our dog appears much younger now than he did just a year ago!

Darrell is very kind, trustworthy and respectful. He goes that extra mile and truly loves what he does. He’s very intuitive with dogs and they respond so well to him.

– Jane D, Monarch Park, Toronto

I can’t recommend Darrell highly enough, he’s been a wonderful walker and companion for our 1 year old goldendoodle who is always so happy and relaxed each day when we get home. Darrell has also ensured that our dog is clean when arriving home and has done an amazing job checking him when our dog experienced a small injury (which did not occur on his watch).

– Michael J, Monarch Park, Toronto

I’m an extremely over protective dog owner, so I really needed someone who would understand my concerns and help me just as much as my dog :0) I feel completely comfortable when I know Darrell is coming over to walk my dog, and I actually never even give it a second thought as to how the day went because Darrell always gives me updates and even pictures of the days’ walk. Darrell does sidewalk walking which is a great way for my very rambunctious puppy (a one year old male goldendoodle) to have some “leash walking” training, something I slacked on when he was very young. His walks have made such an improvement on my dog’s behavior on leash.

Also, I come home to a tired happy smiling dog, who’s clean and has fresh water. Since Darrell provides downtime, I know my dog has a chance to slow down and have a farewell moment before being put back in his crate – again, just a simple step in the process that gives me more peace of mind knowing my dog is in good hands and it’s like I’m home doing all this! I can always contact Darrell and get a response quickly and I know he cares for my pooch just as much as I do. My dog loved him the minute they met, and I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else.

– Andi, Monarch Park, Toronto

I worry a lot about my dog. I’ve been looking for a dog-walker for quite a while and could not find anybody who I’d be able to trust with my dog. Until a friend of mine recommended Darrell.

He is a very responsible and reliable person, the one who really cares. When Darrell takes my dog for a walk, I know that he is in capable and loving hands. Darrel is very thoughtful – he checks if there is enough of fresh water, makes sure the dog is dry after walking him in the rain, send little updates for me to know that everything’s ok.

I can’t thank him enough and still can’t believe how lucky I am.

– Elina, Danforth Village, Toronto

We are very grateful Darrell is there when we need him. Darrell is very reliable, professional and has a natural ability to connect with animals. Our fur babies bonded to him right away and we know they are in great hands with Darrell. We would highly recommend Darrell to anyone who is looking to have someone take care of their dogs when in need.

– Maxine & Dan – Toronto

Our dog took to Darrell immediately. It’s so obvious Darrell loves animals and his uncanny ability especially with dogs is something to see in action. …. He seems to speak “dog”.

– Peter Humphrey, Toronto

Next to my partner Jason, our French Bulldog, Reggie, is the most important fixture in my day-to-day life. And while Jason and I love to travel, finding the right boarder for Reggie has been a long and at times trying feat that hindered the joy of taking off. The most reassuring thing about Darrell was his understanding of the stress that comes with leaving your pet. He was thorough in ensuring Reggie and he were a right fit. He took the time to understand Reggie’s schedule and personality and did everything to ensure Reggie felt at home in his home.

We were sent daily updates with photos, eliminating any stress we may have had. The best part was coming home to find a healthy and happy pup. We’re thrilled to have found Darrell and will continue to board our Reggie with him.

– Tanya Van Luven, Artist Services, Warner Music Canada Co., Toronto

Darrell found his calling, specializing in dog care and handling. Darrell’s ambassador, Edgar (his golden doodle), is a perfect example of the happy, well-balanced dog you can expect to come home to after a day at work or a week of vacation. Darrell’s commitment to service excellence during the times he monitored my home and cared for my pets (a greyhound and a budgie) is unparalleled. He always includes extras (lights turned off and on, mail brought in, bins put out and collected) with no additional charges. I always had the confidence Darrell would make the same decisions I would, if necessary. If you want peace of mind that both your pets and your home are being handled with a gentle yet experienced hand – you want to use Darrell’s Pet Services.

– Paula, Homeowner, Dog & Bird Owner, Neighbour, Dentonia Park, Toronto

Leaving our dog with Darrell in his home was like having her stay with trusted friends or family. So much more than your run-of-the-mill” boarding facility.

– Ira Wagman

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Darrell and have him take care of my boys and I would highly recommend him to anyone. A very attentive pet sitter. In the year I’ve known him I have observed first hand Darrell’s love and understanding of animals and I have come to trust him completely with my precious cats and my home. He immediately got to know their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. He is considerate, reliable and trustworthy and when I return from trips I can tell they have been well cared for. It is so great to be able to leave knowing that my pets are in good hands.

– Isabelle Soler

Oscar, our Cockapoo, was less than 6 months old when we had to unexpectedly fly overseas. Figuring out where to leave such a young puppy for three weeks was incredibly stressful. We didn’t want to put our boy in a kennel – and we didn’t want him overwhelmed by a large group of dogs either. Darrell’s home set up was the perfect solution – and luckily he wasn’t boarding other dogs at the time. A godsend!! We were blown away by the amount of personalized, one-on-one care … Oscar is just crazy about Darrell and I can’t imagine we’d ever use anyone else to care for our little guy.

– P. Stewart, Thornhill

Braveheart, our German Shepherd-Labrador cross entered our lives as a true gift. She is a gentle, intelligent and loving animal – and the most extraordinary dog I have ever owned, and the first for my teenage sons. After the death of the boys father, Braveheart was named to give us all strength. 7 months after his death, a family holiday was planned to escape the “holiday season,” and I chanced upon Darrell’s website. I was so relieved upon meeting Darrell (and Molly and their pup, Edgar). I knew I had found Braveheart a “home away from home”. The thought of a Kennel terrified us, and Darrell’s unique understanding of dogs was apparent, plus he had a firm and kind approach to his dog whispering technique. Upon our return Braveheart was healthy, happy and had experienced for herself a puppy dog vacay as well. What more can you ask for?

– Deborah Kelly Essery, Actress/Writer/Producer –

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