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Photo Gallery

I am a dog walker and I LOVE my job! I think I am the luckiest guy I know.

Getting to know the individual personalities and quirks of each dog in my care is a great privilege. Every day something very special happens. It could be something as simple as a quick, loving glance from a Golden Retriever as we walk his neighbourhood in Monarch Park. Or a hilarious, quizzical expression on the face of an Irish Terrier in Danforth Village.

I would never be able to capture these funny or touching moments in a photograph. When walking, the dogs require my full attention – and these moments happen so quickly and unexpectedly anyway.

Some clients like to receive the occasional photo update so I send them when I am able – either by text or twitter. Some of these photo updates are below along with other photos of Edgar (my Golden Doodle) and his neighbourhood friends.

Service includes daily updates and photos via Twitter, email, Facebook or local texting.