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Dog Walking

Dog walking the old-fashioned way. I personalize my service to suit your dog’s specific needs and personality. Your dog can enjoy a group leash walk through our parks and trails or join a small playgroup in a contained and controlled dog park or sizeable fenced-in yard in our neighbourhood. If requested, group leash walks can include a short period of supervised group play in a controlled environment (such as a backyard).
Unfortunately, I no longer take on clients requiring private walks except puppies who plan to join a pack or dogs usually in a group who temporarily need private walks. Private walks include a short playtime and unwinding period or feeding for puppies once back in your home. 
Service includes occasional video or photo updates.


Weekday Group Walks:
$22.50 per walk for full-time clients (4 or more walks per week)
$25.00 per walk for part-time clients (3 or fewer walks per week)
Weekday Private Walks:
$22.50 per Puppy Potty Break for puppies intending to join a pack
$22.50 per walk for regular clients needing temporary private walks
I no longer offer private walks on an ongoing basis.
All Weekend Walks:
$35.00 per walk
Additional dog, same household:
Statutory Holidays:
There is a 25% surcharge for all services on weekends containing statutory holidays.
For additional information or to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Please click here to see the note on Dog Licensing.
Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Service includes daily updates and photos via Twitter, email, Facebook or local texting.