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Boarding and Daycare

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE REGARDING BOARDING AND DAYCARE:  As of March 1st 2015, I no longer offer boarding or daycare to occasional or casual clients.  All boarding and daycare spots are reserved for my regular clients (dogs I walk 4 days per week or more).  This policy is in place to ensure that my regular clients always have a spot available when they are away or in case of emergencies.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Although my services are centered around dog walking and pet visitation (pet sitting), I am able to provide dog daycare and dog boarding for dogs that I know. Please inquire well in advanced as space is limited and I only take in one or two dogs at any time.

Please note that if I don’t know your dog, we will need to schedule a few meet and greets and do a “trial run” beforehand. This is to ensure that your dog’s personality and temperament will be a good match for my Golden Doodle and any other dogs he or she may encounter while here or on a walk.

My style of in-home dog daycare or dog boarding is a treat for your loved one. Every dog who has stayed here has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Your dog stays in my home as a welcome guest where he or she is treated as one of the family. Each dog enjoys lots of supervised playtime in the backyard, two full walks per day (with my dog) and lots of supervised, lazy relaxation in the house. For those staying overnight, crating at bedtime is only necessary if your pet feels more comfortable in a crate or you specifically request it.

Service includes daily updates and photos while you are away via Twitter, email, Facebook or local texting.

For your dog’s comfort (and ours) I take in a limited number of guests at any time; usually 2 or 3 depending on the dogs. I accept guests from all across Toronto (this service is not restricted to the Service Area specified for Dog Walking or Pet Visits services).

PLEASE NOTE: Every dog which stays in my home must be able to either be left alone or with my Golden Doodle for up to two or three hours while I’m out walking other dogs. Dogs which cannot be trusted alone must be able to be left in a crate. All dogs staying in my home must have a Toronto City Dog License. There are no exceptions.


$30.00 per day (4-5 days per week)

$35.00 per day (1-3 days per week)

$40.00 per day on weekends

$10.00 per hour outside of regular hours

$35.00 per 4 hour period outside of regular hours

Weekday drop off anytime after 7am and pickup before 6:00 pm. Weekend drop off anytime after 10am and pickup before 5pm.


Day rate is based on a 24 hour period (one full day and one full night).

$40.00 per day (weekdays, 3 days or more)

$45.00 per day (weekdays, 2 days or less)

$50.00 per day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday overnights)

There is an additional 25% charge on all services between December 24th and January 1st and statutory holidays.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Service includes daily updates and photos via Twitter, email, Facebook or local texting.